Awards & Prizes
We award the best independent filmmakers after a comprehensive evaluation process.
"Best Picture" winner get LAURELS and DISTRIBUTION OFFER!
Video On-Demand (VOD) is becoming more accessible to the public and is opening doors to independent filmmakers worldwide.
All films are being consumed by a paying audience and we believe that our platform can help our filmmakers take a slice of that pie.
Allowing our filmmakers to get rightfully paid for the content they produce.
"Award of Achievement" in different Genres and categories:
Drama Feature
Drama Short
Drama Short Student
Comedy/Dramedy Feature
Comedy/Dramedy Short
Comedy/Dramedy Short Student
Action/Thriller Feature
Action/Thriller Short
Action/Thriller Short Student
Horror Feature
Horror Short
Horror Short Student
SCI-FI Feature
SCI-FI Short
SCI-FI Short Student
Animation Feature
Animation Short
Animation Short Student
Foreign Feature
Foreign Short
Foreign Short Student
Documentary Feature
- The number of awards varies on the basis of the submission we receive.
- Each winner will be contacted and sent the winner Laurels and Award certificate.
- Each film has to be submitted to at least one genre, then they qualify for additional categories